Artificial Worlds V3.0

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June 6, 2007 by Jeremy Williams

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Here’s a director I’ve had an eye on for a while, who’s cropped up again on the latest Onedotzero DVDRichard Fenwick has a long-running project called RND, which is a series of films exploring the link between technology and society. His latest work in the series is called Artificial Worlds V3.0, and it features a group of teenagers running for their lives through a disused power station, while a strange tsunami-like ripple chases after them, deconstructing everything into pixels. It’s an intriguing piece of film and a raises important questions about the fragmented identities of modern individuals. You can see it here. Fenwick says “this film is my comment on the erosion of reality due to the invention of more and more environments designed to take you out of it.” See what you think.

The whole RND series is worth looking out for actually. It’s kind of scattered around, so I unfortunately can’t really point you to any one place, but here’s one:


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