He shall be called


September 25, 2007 by Jeremy Williams

I haven’t posted much over the summer – haven’t seen many short films either, but the season starts again in September and we’ll see what’s new. I’ve been working on a couple of things. We shot a film about St Cuthbert in August that we need to edit some time, and I’ve done some bits and pieces for our Christmas site. Every year at Lifewords we release a series of Christmas resources for churches. Christmas generates more activity for us than anything else, and thus bankrolls plenty of less marketing-friendly projects the rest of the year, so we keep doing it even if it means thoroughly boring ourselves with Christmas every summer.

The new site is live at lifewords-global/christmas, and there’s loads of stuff on there. The idea is to give churches starting points for further creativity – the graphics, powerpoint templates and so on to produce more professional christmas events. Some of it’s family-service friendly, some not, all free and ready to download. I was particularly pleased with this liturgy for a Christmas meal myself.

I’ll probably mention a few things over the next few weeks as Christmas looms larger, but here’s one little thing. I made this mainly as an experiment to see if you could make an animated film in powerpoint, and you can, kind of, with the odd bit of freeware. Youtube made it all jerky, but if it’s useful to you as background visuals or something, there’s a higher res version here or the orginal powerpoint if you prefer. It’s a sequence of many of Jesus’ names…


One thought on “He shall be called

  1. S.Pollak says:

    I wish you good luck in all your plans 🙂 thx for all the work you do.

    Maybe this template will also help in your Christmas presentations: http://www.poweredtemplates.com/00176/0/index.html.

    All the best!

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