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February 15, 2008 by Jeremy Williams

takethis.jpgI’ve just been working on our Easter site this week, and it’s coming along nicely. Still a number of things to upload, and I’ve got a whole bundle of ideas for prayers and reflections that I need to get down on paper and post. So, I ought to be waiting a little while before I start blogging it, but I’m excited about it. And since it’s one of those things most people will discover too late, I thought I might as well start talking about it now.

What we’re doing is a kind of reflective journey through Holy Week. I’ve written a series of meditations that begin with Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, and end with Easter Sunday. We’ve commissioned the excellent Sparks collective to devise some artwork for each one, and we’ll post an animation a day for eight days. The guys brought the draft artwork in last week, and it looks great. I’ve made a couple of stills into desktop wallpapers, including the image above. Check them out here if you’re interested. We’ve added a blog too, so you can leave your comments or suggestions if you wish.

To take part, visit the SGM Lifewords Easter site and leave us your email address. At the beginning of Holy Week we’ll send you an email with the first reflection and a link to the day’s animation.


When Jesus rode into Jerusalem, the crowds poured out of the city to meet him. They tore down palm branches and waved them like flags. In extravagant worship they took their cloaks and threw them down before Jesus.

This Easter, will you lay down your cloak?


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