Two SGM Lifewords projects

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October 30, 2008 by Jeremy Williams

Not short films, but I ought to give a shout to two recent work projects.

Metavista – our theologian in residence at SGM Lifewords, Colin Greene, has a book out with Martin Robinson. It’s called Metavista: Bible, Church and Culture in an Age of Imagination, and it’s a very worthwhile read. I’ve been facilitating a blog to accompany the release. As yet there’s no discussion, but there ought to be – head over to and leave Colin some comments!

Christmas 2008 – every year we release a new set of Christmas resources for churches, and this year’s site is now live and ready to browse. There are downloadable posters and invites, lots of very usable bits and pieces (I suspect that if you’re reading this site you’re probably pretty confident with your own creative projects for church, but you might find something inspiring). One of my favourite aspects is that for the last few years we’ve open-sourced our graphics, which means we get to play a kind of ‘where’s wally’ over christmas as our illustrations crop up in adverts, church websites, incorporated into prayer stations in relatives’ churches…


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